Florida Mandatory Reporting Laws

The scandal at Penn State, which exposed that people needed to report kid molestation just needed to report it to their superiors and not the authorities, has many individuals asking: What is an obligatory reporter? What do compulsory reporters need to do? A Florida rape lawyer can explain.

By Florida law, as well as by the law in numerous other states, specific individuals by virtue of their profession have to report either kid abuse or adult abuse or both. Professionally necessary press reporters of child sexual abuse in Florida and other kinds of abuse include the following:

● Day care employees;
● Foster care workers;
● Judges;
● Police officers;
● School teachers; and
● School officials.

Professionally mandatory press reporters of abuse against grownups, that includes adult sexual abuse in Florida (such as by a caretaker or partner), consist of other kinds of individuals:

● Assisted living center staff;
● Adult day care center personnel;
● Adult family care home personnel;
● Bank, credit union or savings and loan staff members;
● Emergency medical technicians;
● Florida Advocacy Council members;
● Inspectors of public accommodations facilities;
● Long-lasting care ombudsman council members;
● Assisted living home staff;
● Paramedics;
● Expert adult care, domestic or institutional staff;
● State, county or municipal law enforcement officers or criminal justice staff members.

Nevertheless, most expertly necessary reporters need to report both abuse against grownups and kids. These consist of:

● Chiropractic specialists;
● Some health center workers;
● Health specialists;
● Institutional employees;
● Medical examiners;
● Psychological health experts;
● Nurses;
● Osteopaths;
● Physicians;
● Residential care employees;
● Spiritual therapists;
● Social workers.

If you are a member of one of these groups, you are required by Florida law to report abuse to the appropriate authorities. A professional compulsory press reporter must call the Department of Kid and Family’s Abuse Hotline when he or she suspects abuse or overlook. Florida rape and abuse is taken very seriously.

If you have been implicated of sexual assault by a professionally obligatory reporter, you might call a Florida rape lawyer, who will be able to analyze your case. It is important to note that expertly necessary press reporters only report the suspicion of sexual assault: frequently, there are genuine other explanations for abuse that a Florida rape lawyer may have the ability to dissect. These individuals need to err on the side of care in reporting anything that might be abuse, which is an important service to everybody.