Do You Actually Need New Labor Law Posters?

If you run an organisation and have staff members, there are a variety of federal and state labor law notifications you’re needed to publish where employees can see them every day. These are typically called labor law posters, or compliance posters. They include things like minimum wage laws, the federal USERRA, non-discrimination notifications, and more.

Staying up to date with whatever that should be posted and ensuring that the most existing notices are published in the work environment can be a genuine chore for big and small businesses alike. What’s more, publishing a collection of paper notices can make your office look unpleasant.
To resolve the issue, a variety of companies sell labor law posters that combine all the state and federal regulations on one or two posters.

The posters, in general, are an advantage. They clean up workplaces and assist businesses remain in compliance with labor laws. Regrettably, some of the companies that market labor law posters by mail use hard-sell marketing methods to get you to change your labor law posters prior to you truly require to. In fact, some of the marketing materials that get sent in mail seem rather deceptive and misleading.

One tactic that’s been utilized in various parts of the country is a mailing that has the word FINAL NOTICE in all uppercase on the top of the page of an official-looking document. Listed below the “Final Notice” headline was text stating that the company must comply with the brand-new labor publishing requirements and that failure to do so might lead to federal government fines of approximately $17,000 and other possible dire consequences.

Other methods include mail-merging the name of the recipient business into the letter and using text in the letter such as a Notice Number, Recommendation Number, and a Reply By date developed to make recipients believe the mail is in some way an official warning.

If your service gets a notice like that, make the effort to take a look at who it really comes from. If you see the words poster service, or compliance service, or if you see an out-of-state address, you can be sure the official-looking “Notice” is just a sales letter. Another dead giveaway: the letter will tell you how to purchase labor law posters from a private company.

If you’re uncertain when labor law notices you need to post were last changed, talk to the United States Department of Labor and your state labor department to discover if there have actually been any changes in needed postings. Keep in mind, too, that no matter what the labor law poster business inform you, you do not require to buy a new poster just because it’s a brand-new year. You just need to change your posters when the state or federal laws listed on them change.